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Nordic OER is a network of stakeholders to support uptake, adoption and collaboration around Open Educational Resources in the Nordic countries. You are welcome to join!


The NMC, the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket), and the National Agency for IT and Learning in Denmark (Styrelsen for It og Læring), are releasing the 2015 NMC Technology Outlook for Scandinavian Schools at a special program at the 2015 Bett Show. This inaugural Scandinavian edition describes findings from […]

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Open Education for Schools – Guidance and Resources

Leicester City Council has published an extensive Guidance and Resource pack that has raised interest outside the UK. The pack consists of guidance documents, and a range of supporting materials that could serve as a inspiration also for the Nordic countries. Leicester City Council has also developed a strong OER policy, giving permission to the 84 community […]

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Copy of the back page of the book

Publishing scholarly book as Open Access – with a little help of UiB

Jill Walker Rettberg, professor of digital culture at the University of Bergen, has published her book “Seeing ourself through technology” as open access through the well establish publisher Palgrave Macmillan. The book is peer reviewed and available on Amazon for download. The Amazon order reads “Grand Total: $0.00″. As Jill explains in her blog You […]

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Translating OER into smaller languages needs tool support!

In a webinar organised by the LangOER project a short while ago, the issues of translating resources into smaller languages surfaced again. Anna-Comas Quinn from the Open University in UK described the growth in open translation communities, often centered around educational content providers like TED (Open translation project), Khan Academy and Coursera (Global translator community).  As Alastair Creelman says in […]

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Öppna lärresurser på mindre språk

EU-projektet LangOER kartlägger användningen av öppna lärresurser (OER) i Europas mindre språk, inklusive de nordiska. Projektets första rapport har just kommit ut, Open Educational Resources (OER) in less used languages: a state of the art report, med en sammanställning av OER-satsningar i 23 språk. Rapporten pekar på ett antal områden som bör utvecklas: Brist på […]

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EU anbefaler Creative Commons-lisenser for offentlig sektor

Denne uken publiserte EU-kommisjonen nye retningslinjer for bruk av standard-lisenser i samband med publisering og gjenbruk av data og informasjon fra offentlig sektor.  I disse anbefalingene oppfordres medlemsstatene eksplisitt til å bruke standardiserte åpne lisenser som Creative Commons for å lette bruk og gjenbruk av data og informasjon fra offentlig sektor. Samtidig advarer kommisjonen mot at det […]

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