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Nordic OER is a network of stakeholders to support uptake, adoption and collaboration around Open Educational Resources in the Nordic countries. You are welcome to join!

Quality of OER under scrutiny

The need for quality assurance mechanisms to support the development and sustainable use of Open Educational Resources (OER) are being raised in the literature and in European and national policy documents as a major challenge and opportunity. There is, however, only little experience and consensus in research and practice on how to define and approach […]

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OER are scarce in less used languages – look at OER as Open Data

Concerning OER open for adaptation and innovation regarding less used languages, the emerging landscape seems rather static and OER are scarce. This observation was shared by Director for Studies at Department of Education, Communication and Learning, University of  Gothenburg, Sylvi Vigmo at the International workshop on policy for OER and less used languages. Summary of the workshop […]

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Atypical welcome by quinn.anya, on Flickr

OER and linguistic diversity

 by quinn.anya on Flickr   The spread of English as the language of the world has certainly been accelerated thanks to digital media and it could be argued that this threatens to wipe out many smaller languages, some teetering on the brink of extinction. András Kornai describes this danger in an article, Digital Language Death, showing how many languages have a […]

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Focus on dynamic book authoring

Dynamic book authoring starts to be an interesting approach for professional communities that want to go beyond OER as «30 slides available on the web with an open licence». We have pointed to the Norwegian project «Praksisveilederen», that has experienced how publishing with an open licence inspires collaborations beyond borders and translations to other languages. […]

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