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Nordic OER is a network of stakeholders to support uptake, adoption and collaboration around Open Educational Resources in the Nordic countries. You are welcome to join!

NordicOER contributes to policy brief

Open Educational Resources, quality learning materials available in your own language – within your own culture – what a wonderful thing! You can share the material, copy it, even repurpose and change it into a new – in your opinion improved format or content – just fun! Calls for creativity, innovation – experimentation – all […]

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Call for OER Stories

We invite you to share your OER story with the community and tell others about your OER activities! These could be OER projects or initiatives, Open Educational Practices like someone generating OER or teaching with OER, the development of guidelines & institutional policies on OER, new insights and research on OER, as well as the […]

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LangOER online webinar

How can less used languages, including Regional and Minority languages, benefit from Open Educational Practices (OEP)? How can Open Educational Resources (OER) be shaped to foster linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe? What policies are favourable to the uptake of quality OER in less used language communities? Join the LangOER online webinar series organized by experts […]

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Tony Bates on OER-Making sence of OER

  This is the second of five posts on open education from Tony Bates Chapter 10 of his online open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age. The first post was ‘What do we mean by “open” education‘? See more at

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